Born in the early 70’s in that astonishing land called Sicily, Manlio was made curious about things and beauty by his mum Gianna and dad Enzo who passed him his will to stare at almost everything around him. After his high school degree he tried economics but after a while he got so bored he decided to drop out and follow a more creative life path getting into web design, graphics and photography. People seemed to appreciate his perspective and many clients decided to make his eyes speak on behalf of their companies. Thanks to his parents he also had the opportunity of traveling around Europe and the US ever since he was a young boy and his major benefit was learning English in early age and being able to speak it flawlessly starting from teen age: such a useful tool for dealing with foreign clients! In the early 2000’s he moved to Australia for 3 years where he had the opportunity of studying photography and advertising techniques in the fresher way possible way, the aussie one. Back to italy in 2004 he attended the IED (European Design Institute) specializing in Advertising Art Direction, along with a few courses and workshops at Palermofoto,  best place featuring the best masters for interpreting and expressing photography. His outgoing relaxed attitude and wide and international way of seeing things and his commercial adv background has given him the honor of shooting for major companies and personalities fulfilling their needs with understanding and, in most cases, lots of fun.